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 Will Obama make our economy better or worse?questionmark

 That is a question on my mind. I did not vote for Obama for I strongly believe that what he campaigned, his plans, if they are carried out, are not the best for our economy. I hope he proves me wrong. I have being researching politics for only a few months now and have realized is is a passion I never thought I would be so involved in. In trying to answer the question of who should be our next president I read lots of articles, watched the news, read everything I could possibly click on the internet(well….maybe not everything….internet is a little big), But I have realized that trying to argue your point with people in terms of what is being said by all the candidates and why you believe one over the other can get annoying. Topics and issues get picked apart, religious and partisan views get put in along with stories overheard from our parents or what we actually experience ourselves. It is hard to not be biased and just get straight to the facts.

 Is it possible to make things clear?

I have decided to go back to basic economics. First, I want to talk about how scarcity does not only mean something America does NOT have because we as consumers as used it all(selfish Americans – sorry I had to throw a liberal statement in here somewhere it is only the day after the election), but how it is also a requirement for any success in the future. Does it make our country insufficient and poor, or does scarcity represent a source to make our country successful and fortunate? There have economists like Oscar Lange and Milton Friedman who have studied the subject with very different views. A quote from
 bookBasic Economics written by Thomas Sowell states:
     “The methods used by a Marxist economist like Oscar Lange did not differ in any fundamental way from the methods used by a conservative economist like Milton Friedman(p 6).”
To be continued……(I need dinner ya’ll)


As much as I am hesitant to use the word Marxist, knowing that many will put up a wall and may not even read anymore due to the lack of maturity or ignorance, or just the lack of interest in economics in general; it is a quote that I felt needed to be stated to let you, the reader know that it is not a word pulled from my own “opinion”. Again this reconfirms why I am looking at economics to try and explain what works and what doesn’t. Because economics is not an “opinion” , it is the facts and outcomes of certain acts or, “lack of,” determining the answer by looking at all angles.

Scarcity will be the focus of my next post 


Still proud to be an American  flag


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