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Where were you when you heard the news of the 9/11 attacks? Where you in school, at work, driving in your car? I was walking to the cafeteria at lunch when I found out. I stopped right in the middle of the road- shocked and devastated. I will never forget. Please post what you were doing or felt on 9/11. Or even just write the name and great memory of someone you know who lost their life…Let’s Remember.
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Jack Cashill is a writer who writes for the american thinker. He has been on a mission to show why he thinks that Ayers wrote most of Obama’s book.  It is interesting….very. He has recently been posting more on this and I just wanted to put up some links to read:



these above are just a few. check out www.cashill.com

Normally I like to add in more of my own thought but Cashill writes a GREAT deal better than I and deserves the credit for his hard work on this topic.

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